Friday, April 20, 2012

Watching the Stoners Unite

So today I'm supposed to meet this girl I used to know down at the park. Ok, that's cool. She said at four, for about an hour. Ok, fine.
So I'm an idiot.
Today is April 20th, and I will be meeting her at 4:20.
As a result, I am here watching the smallest parade of people in history. They're mostly kids, being led by some lady with a raspy voice. Upset I didn't get to take a picture. There's lots of other characters, too. There's the usual bikers and dog-walkers, plus some skaters, bohos, Furries, and actually quite a lot of older people, I suppose just to walk.
I don't have much to say, she's almost here, and I'm cold, so if something interesting happens here, I'll update tonight.
PS Someone has bongos!!!

 Sorry!  I meant to come back that night, but I kind of passed out and shit, and since then I've moved, which (for the record) you might want to avoid at all costs.  Such a pain in the ass.

So, it was interesting, I suppose.  Met with my friend, she brought someone I don't like and another chill kid.  We pretended there was no drama.
But we walked around outside the park, waited till 4:20, and had a smoke or two.  See, we're the smart kids that don't get caught.  It was fun walking through afterward, and kind of weird.  The cops in their bright-ass vests were in little groups of two or three, and then there were a bunch of stoner kids a few feet away all chatting in a group.  A field of little groups.  Odd.  I don't think anyone got arrested though, and everyone seemed pretty chill.  To top it off, my visit was short and drama free.  Until that one dumbass tried to add me on Draw Something.  *sigh*  Some people just don't take a hint.

I hope everyone had a great 4:20

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