Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Best Best Friend?

So, I'm really tired.  I have really weird thoughts when I'm like this, this weird hyper/tired.  And also I tend to switch subjects really fast.  So sorry in advance.

I was just talking to a friend of a friend on twitter, and I was being a smart ass and made myself laugh.  And then I had this thought: "Ha.. sometimes I make myself laugh :) I like me. But not in a horrible ego way. In a, wish I could be two people and be my own friend way."  And then it hit me.  "Be my own friend."  That would be AWESOME!!

I understand the downside of this idea, because I can be logical too, so yes, I get that it might be boring.  Or worse yet, because I hate to make decisions, we could end up doing nothing, all the time.  Which is boring maxed out.  And yet, I still think...  I mean, I'm sure I'm not the only one who says things to themselves and giggles a bit, but doesn't say it out loud because no one else would get it.  But if you had a friend that was you, they would get it!  You could say that thing you thought, and they would think you're funny.  They might even make a joke off of that!  It would just go on and on and on...

Not to mention it would be really easy living with yourself - you would have the same taste in decor, and music, and TV.  There would be no fighting.  And if you were upset about something, they would actually understand, and actually care and listen.  You know how some people just do it because they know they can't get out of hearing you talk?  (I live with that a lot - selfish people who will talk endlessly about themselves, and I'll be a good friend and listen and comment, but when it's my turn suddenly they don't have time or don't care or go 'hmm' a bunch.  Jackasses.)  That wouldn't happen.  You could really be understood.  Wouldn't that be awesome?

Damn, now I really want this to happen.  It would be like a twin, but better.  I would play tennis with myself and binge on Pizza Pizza pizza (always fun to say) and cause a whole lot of trouble.  It would be awesome.  Don't you think?

I just did a quick Google of this, and apparently I am not the first to think of it (no surprise there, really).  But I must quickly say that I mean it literally, not the 'talk to yourself' way, or positive thinking way.  And also I can in no way recommend following that wikihow that will come up - if you want to, fine, but it looks a bit ridiculous to me. :P  Just sayin.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Watching the Stoners Unite

So today I'm supposed to meet this girl I used to know down at the park. Ok, that's cool. She said at four, for about an hour. Ok, fine.
So I'm an idiot.
Today is April 20th, and I will be meeting her at 4:20.
As a result, I am here watching the smallest parade of people in history. They're mostly kids, being led by some lady with a raspy voice. Upset I didn't get to take a picture. There's lots of other characters, too. There's the usual bikers and dog-walkers, plus some skaters, bohos, Furries, and actually quite a lot of older people, I suppose just to walk.
I don't have much to say, she's almost here, and I'm cold, so if something interesting happens here, I'll update tonight.
PS Someone has bongos!!!

 Sorry!  I meant to come back that night, but I kind of passed out and shit, and since then I've moved, which (for the record) you might want to avoid at all costs.  Such a pain in the ass.

So, it was interesting, I suppose.  Met with my friend, she brought someone I don't like and another chill kid.  We pretended there was no drama.
But we walked around outside the park, waited till 4:20, and had a smoke or two.  See, we're the smart kids that don't get caught.  It was fun walking through afterward, and kind of weird.  The cops in their bright-ass vests were in little groups of two or three, and then there were a bunch of stoner kids a few feet away all chatting in a group.  A field of little groups.  Odd.  I don't think anyone got arrested though, and everyone seemed pretty chill.  To top it off, my visit was short and drama free.  Until that one dumbass tried to add me on Draw Something.  *sigh*  Some people just don't take a hint.

I hope everyone had a great 4:20

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sarcastic People, Come and Rejoice

So, first things first, I would like to choose this moment to rage.  I had half a damn post written out, switched tabs briefly, and was simply delighted to find that my 'backspace' button was now my 'back' button for my browser, thus losing any and all great thoughts I had.  Not really a big deal to rewrite it, but I hate when deep down you know it will never be as good as what you first wrote down. (Edit: just found that shit saved in drafts after I published this, goddamn.)

Alright, back on track.  Are you sarcastic?  Do you love making fun of people?  Do you crave funny insults to say to your friends, but have run out of ideas?  Then do I have the solution for you!  It's a wonderful little show called Archer.

Archer is arguably the funniest thing on TV right now.  It's on FX in America, and I know it's aired in Germany, but I can't seem too find it in Canada so I just Google that shit.  Point is, this show is god damn hilarious.

The whole thing is a half hour animated series about this one ass named Sterling Archer (guy bottom middle in the pic above).  Constantly bragging about how he is a secret agent (mostly to get laid), Archer is the king of sarcasam.  He's the jackass you'd want to punch in the face - constantly drunk, really rude, and entirely too attached to his mother.

The show obviously centers around Sterling, but the other characters are what really keep it going.  Don't get me wrong, everyone loves an asshole, but if he was just an asshole on his own, that wouldn't be as fun.  Instead he shares the limelight with his mother, Malory, who runs the entire operation, and his ex-girlfriend/love interest/only friend Lana Kane, and a slightly lesser spotlight with everyone else: Ray - fellow field agent and Lana's best girlfriend, Pam - office gossip and head of HR, Cheryl/Carol - Malory's secretary who likes to be choked, Cyril - the accountant everyone hates on, Dr. Krieger - the (mad?) scientist who obsesses over Rush, and Woodhouse - everyone's favorite put-upon butler.

The show basically switches between 'the mission' and 'the office,' sometimes switching up which characters end up where.  It relies on witty dialogue and clever references to keep the show going, and go it does.  Don't believe me?  Here are some picture quotes:

There will be spoilers below.  Accept it and laugh, or stop reading now.  You have been warned.

 So, part way through uploading these, (all of which I found on Google, by the way) it occurred to me that not all of them will be funny if you haven't watched the show.  So if you are reading this and you don't find it funny, go watch the damn show.

Look, I'm even a nice person and found a link for you (be sure to click player 2 - player 1 never works):

I like that site for shows, but it doesn't always work.  And if for some reason the videos get deleted, I will be angered.  Do not deny me of my Archer time.

 So from here on out I'll let you scroll and laugh (hopefully they're not too small to read, if so... SORRYYYYY....), I just wanted to mention really quick that this was not so much meant to be a review as it is me encouraging other people to watch it, because it is amazing and only a few people I know have heard of it, some because I forced them to watch it.

Also I might quote it every now and again, so if you happen to read one of my blogs in the future, and don't get it... just remember it's your fault.

Also, I dunno about anyone else, but Ray and Krieger make my life.  Just sayin.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Reflections of the Past..?

So earlier today I was thinking about something I had said in my last post.  "But does that mean that we're all just warped reflections of someone else?"  To be honest the idea kind of freaks me out.

Let me explain.  I was talking about how I suspect I'm turning into my mother, which led me to the thought "daughters are a reflection of their mothers."  Now, pretending there's no loopholes to that thought (some mother may not be like their mothers, biological mothers may not be there, in which case it would be whoever the main female figure was, I guess, etc etc.) we can assume that your mother is like her mother, who is like her mother, again who is like her mother.  So that's like.... your... great-great gramma.  Now, assuming that you are like your mother, it could be said that because everyone is kind of like everyone else, via the chain, that you are a warped (non-negative way, sub for 'tweaked' if you want, but it's less fun) version of your great-great gramma.  Yay you.

Now, that thought is kind of weird.  But hold on, just give it a sec.

Pretending that this chain of generations of women who are like each other never ends, does that mean that we have personality traits of people from 'the beginning' (whatever that may be?).  Think about it.

I've thought about it already, so I'm just gonna skip ahead here, if you haven't thought about it yet this is your last warning, do so now.  I don't think that we could actually have traits of people from that long ago.  It's kind of like how even if my great-grandfather came from Italy, I'm not really Italian.  I mean, we have to mostly develop our own personality, even though we tend to mirror whoever's the major influence in our lives.  I think in reality, time and generations would have its effect on people.  And what about the rebels?  They laugh in the face of this theory (probably, I don't know any though, so who knows).

Anyway, that's just what was going on in my head.  That and the realization that I need to learn how to end a blog entry less horribly.  Ah well, I doubt many people read this anyway.  If you are reading this, o internet phantom, please ignore this horrible ending right here.


PS  Think about it!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Are We Bad Neighbours?

So, I've always considered myself nice, in general.  I'm sure almost every person thinks that deep down.  But my mother always taught me to be nice to everyone, or else they'll hate you or something (fact of life: some people will hate you anyway.  Thanks for the update on that one, maam.).  But (questionable) thoughts like that come attached with not only the basics, but a complicated system of looking down on others who talk about people, while simultaneously attempting to not look down on them and also perhaps doing some talking yourself.  Which is wrong, right?  Hypocritical.  Not that I can spell that word to save my life, thank you spell check.  I think the whole system was perhaps developed by my mother - having the best of intentions whilst growing up in an area that does not shut up about other people's business.

Now, there are two things here that worry me.

The first would be....... am I really becoming like my mother???  Ohnoes to the max. Can I hash-tag here?  If I can, that would be epic, because #OhNoes deserves one at this point.  I'm horrified.  I know everyone does it.  But does that mean that we're all just warped reflections of someone else?  Enjoy that abstract thought while I continue to freak out.

The second thing that worries me would be the amount of time my roommate and myself talk about our neighbours.  Not that we talk about them every day or anything, but we're not supposed to talk about them at all (right?).  Which in itself confuses me, because is it more polite to talk about someone or pretend they don't exist entirely?  Not sure.  But anyway, it's bad, like, on one side we have some college boys, and we hardly ever see them (though apparently they passed by and did not help get our couch up three flights of stairs, despite the fact that they're in police foundations or some shit and have gotta be ripped as all hell) so it's exciting if we do, because we're poor and have no life.  So we take smoke breaks on our balcony in hopes that something interesting will happen.  We used to bitch about the people downstairs all the time too, but I'm pretty sure they got evicted.  If not, they finally moved.  Hurray!  *NOTE* If you have a sub-woofer, and live in an apartment, you are stupid.  If I know your child's name from you yelling, you are too loud.  And if I can hear doors slammed off their hinges at any given time of day, you need to calm the fuck down.*  The other people beside are AWESOME.  Quiet, paranoid, and virtually non-existent.  Except when they chop up dindin (holy crap they must eat nothing but vegetables).  And apparently one "Ninja-ed out of the door," which brings up lots of fun images for me, I dunno about you.

But basically, I think we're being petty, but am so bored that I do it anyway?  Why is that a question?  Not sure.  I guess I'm looking for someone to lay it out for me, but that's not gonna happen.  Is being petty like that horrible?  We're not doing anything wrong, exactly.  It's just not nice.

And on another note, why the hell am I so worried about being nice?  THE WORLD ISN'T NICE.  (That's what Blade said, anyway.)  But really, most people aren't very polite, and yet I have a complex about it.  Oh, I remember why now.  THANKS MUM.