Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sarcastic People, Come and Rejoice

So, first things first, I would like to choose this moment to rage.  I had half a damn post written out, switched tabs briefly, and was simply delighted to find that my 'backspace' button was now my 'back' button for my browser, thus losing any and all great thoughts I had.  Not really a big deal to rewrite it, but I hate when deep down you know it will never be as good as what you first wrote down. (Edit: just found that shit saved in drafts after I published this, goddamn.)

Alright, back on track.  Are you sarcastic?  Do you love making fun of people?  Do you crave funny insults to say to your friends, but have run out of ideas?  Then do I have the solution for you!  It's a wonderful little show called Archer.

Archer is arguably the funniest thing on TV right now.  It's on FX in America, and I know it's aired in Germany, but I can't seem too find it in Canada so I just Google that shit.  Point is, this show is god damn hilarious.

The whole thing is a half hour animated series about this one ass named Sterling Archer (guy bottom middle in the pic above).  Constantly bragging about how he is a secret agent (mostly to get laid), Archer is the king of sarcasam.  He's the jackass you'd want to punch in the face - constantly drunk, really rude, and entirely too attached to his mother.

The show obviously centers around Sterling, but the other characters are what really keep it going.  Don't get me wrong, everyone loves an asshole, but if he was just an asshole on his own, that wouldn't be as fun.  Instead he shares the limelight with his mother, Malory, who runs the entire operation, and his ex-girlfriend/love interest/only friend Lana Kane, and a slightly lesser spotlight with everyone else: Ray - fellow field agent and Lana's best girlfriend, Pam - office gossip and head of HR, Cheryl/Carol - Malory's secretary who likes to be choked, Cyril - the accountant everyone hates on, Dr. Krieger - the (mad?) scientist who obsesses over Rush, and Woodhouse - everyone's favorite put-upon butler.

The show basically switches between 'the mission' and 'the office,' sometimes switching up which characters end up where.  It relies on witty dialogue and clever references to keep the show going, and go it does.  Don't believe me?  Here are some picture quotes:

There will be spoilers below.  Accept it and laugh, or stop reading now.  You have been warned.

 So, part way through uploading these, (all of which I found on Google, by the way) it occurred to me that not all of them will be funny if you haven't watched the show.  So if you are reading this and you don't find it funny, go watch the damn show.

Look, I'm even a nice person and found a link for you (be sure to click player 2 - player 1 never works):

I like that site for shows, but it doesn't always work.  And if for some reason the videos get deleted, I will be angered.  Do not deny me of my Archer time.

 So from here on out I'll let you scroll and laugh (hopefully they're not too small to read, if so... SORRYYYYY....), I just wanted to mention really quick that this was not so much meant to be a review as it is me encouraging other people to watch it, because it is amazing and only a few people I know have heard of it, some because I forced them to watch it.

Also I might quote it every now and again, so if you happen to read one of my blogs in the future, and don't get it... just remember it's your fault.

Also, I dunno about anyone else, but Ray and Krieger make my life.  Just sayin.

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