Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Reflections of the Past..?

So earlier today I was thinking about something I had said in my last post.  "But does that mean that we're all just warped reflections of someone else?"  To be honest the idea kind of freaks me out.

Let me explain.  I was talking about how I suspect I'm turning into my mother, which led me to the thought "daughters are a reflection of their mothers."  Now, pretending there's no loopholes to that thought (some mother may not be like their mothers, biological mothers may not be there, in which case it would be whoever the main female figure was, I guess, etc etc.) we can assume that your mother is like her mother, who is like her mother, again who is like her mother.  So that's like.... your... great-great gramma.  Now, assuming that you are like your mother, it could be said that because everyone is kind of like everyone else, via the chain, that you are a warped (non-negative way, sub for 'tweaked' if you want, but it's less fun) version of your great-great gramma.  Yay you.

Now, that thought is kind of weird.  But hold on, just give it a sec.

Pretending that this chain of generations of women who are like each other never ends, does that mean that we have personality traits of people from 'the beginning' (whatever that may be?).  Think about it.

I've thought about it already, so I'm just gonna skip ahead here, if you haven't thought about it yet this is your last warning, do so now.  I don't think that we could actually have traits of people from that long ago.  It's kind of like how even if my great-grandfather came from Italy, I'm not really Italian.  I mean, we have to mostly develop our own personality, even though we tend to mirror whoever's the major influence in our lives.  I think in reality, time and generations would have its effect on people.  And what about the rebels?  They laugh in the face of this theory (probably, I don't know any though, so who knows).

Anyway, that's just what was going on in my head.  That and the realization that I need to learn how to end a blog entry less horribly.  Ah well, I doubt many people read this anyway.  If you are reading this, o internet phantom, please ignore this horrible ending right here.


PS  Think about it!!

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