Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Best Best Friend?

So, I'm really tired.  I have really weird thoughts when I'm like this, this weird hyper/tired.  And also I tend to switch subjects really fast.  So sorry in advance.

I was just talking to a friend of a friend on twitter, and I was being a smart ass and made myself laugh.  And then I had this thought: "Ha.. sometimes I make myself laugh :) I like me. But not in a horrible ego way. In a, wish I could be two people and be my own friend way."  And then it hit me.  "Be my own friend."  That would be AWESOME!!

I understand the downside of this idea, because I can be logical too, so yes, I get that it might be boring.  Or worse yet, because I hate to make decisions, we could end up doing nothing, all the time.  Which is boring maxed out.  And yet, I still think...  I mean, I'm sure I'm not the only one who says things to themselves and giggles a bit, but doesn't say it out loud because no one else would get it.  But if you had a friend that was you, they would get it!  You could say that thing you thought, and they would think you're funny.  They might even make a joke off of that!  It would just go on and on and on...

Not to mention it would be really easy living with yourself - you would have the same taste in decor, and music, and TV.  There would be no fighting.  And if you were upset about something, they would actually understand, and actually care and listen.  You know how some people just do it because they know they can't get out of hearing you talk?  (I live with that a lot - selfish people who will talk endlessly about themselves, and I'll be a good friend and listen and comment, but when it's my turn suddenly they don't have time or don't care or go 'hmm' a bunch.  Jackasses.)  That wouldn't happen.  You could really be understood.  Wouldn't that be awesome?

Damn, now I really want this to happen.  It would be like a twin, but better.  I would play tennis with myself and binge on Pizza Pizza pizza (always fun to say) and cause a whole lot of trouble.  It would be awesome.  Don't you think?

I just did a quick Google of this, and apparently I am not the first to think of it (no surprise there, really).  But I must quickly say that I mean it literally, not the 'talk to yourself' way, or positive thinking way.  And also I can in no way recommend following that wikihow that will come up - if you want to, fine, but it looks a bit ridiculous to me. :P  Just sayin.

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