Friday, January 24, 2014

Mind Tricks and Memory Loss

Ok, so I know I've done the TV show thing, and have probably already proved that I'm a nerd, but hold on.

So, I was watching RvB (an Internet TV show, actual title 'Red VS Blue', based on Halo and very funny) and they have some scenes where one character enters another's mind to accomplish stuff.  Very descriptive, I know.  But while in said character's mind, it was noticed that the way he remembered the people and things around him were very different from reality.  Do you follow me?  It's like, he saw a circle and remembered it as a square.

This inevitably makes me wonder about stupid things and abstract concepts.  Such as: do we all remember the same person in the same way?  Eg, if I asked you to picture say, Brad Pitt, would you and someone else have the same mental image of him?  Probably not.  In fact, I'm thinking that half of the mental images wouldn't be of Brad Pitt, even if they were meant to be.

If I asked you to remember your friend's face, would your idea be accurate?  Would you remember the color of their eyes, or how long their hair is?  What if you had to draw a picture of someone you knew very well... from memory?  Is your memory really that good?

Chances are, the majority of people are much (much much much) better at remembering things like this than I am.  (Seriously, I remember the most pointless things.  NOT including people's names.)  But if that's the case, I wonder if you're as good as you think you are?  Try drawing someone and see!

Seriously though, why are things like that?  Is everyone like that?  I suppose people with "photographic" memories don't count.

Anyway, there were a lot of questions in this post and few if any answers, so if you have something interesting to say about this topic, leave a post.
Furthermore 'no one cares' is not something interesting to say.  Of course no one cares.  If someone cared it would be labeled 'science'.  I was just wondering, and tried to share.

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